Quality and Environmental Policy

  • Caucho Metal Productos’ Quality and Environmental Policy is designed to meet the needs and expectations of our clients in terms of design, quality, costs and service, minimising pollution of our surroundings and fulfilling legal requirements in environmental matters.

  • To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we aim for maximum development in our technical and human capacities, as well as including our providers in the design and development of the product.

  • We are aware that our employees’ commitment and motivation is what guarantees our future and the security of the people who make up Caucho Metal Productos.

  • We apply the principles of continuous improvement to every activity, teamwork, preventing environmental pollution, aiming to get every activity right the first time, in a safe and healthy working environment.

  • We adopt the necessary measures to comply with the law on risk prevention for workers and ensure the health and safety of our staff.

  • We apply the concept of complete quality in the pursuit of excellence for our products, as well as procedures and functions.

  • We evaluate and supervise the repercussions of our activities on our environment, always meeting regulatory requirements.

  • We adopt the necessary measures to prevent accidental emissions of chemical substances. In the case that they do occur, we take the necessary action to minimise the effect that they might have on the environment.

  • The organisation is equipped with an efficient system for segregating and managing waste.

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